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Gratitude & Reflections

I become very reflective this time of year. As one year ends and another begins, I love to look back on all that has transpired. I often reread my journal and start dreaming about what I want the next year to bring. I've been thinking a lot about abundance for the past couple of days. It was my word for 2023. When I flipped back to the front page of the leather journal with the Monet motif that holds all of my innermost thoughts for the year, I wondered if I'd truly achieved this idea of abundance that felt so important to me twelve months ago. Truthfully, I was aiming for financial abundance after the years-long challenges of job lay-offs (twice!) and a mid-pandemic career change that I still find myself trying to rebound from. However, I realized I was limiting myself to what abundance is and what it looks like in my life. As this year comes to a close, I can say that I have achieved abundance in so many areas of my life, in both big ways and small. But I also recognize that I had to take some time to sit and intentionally reflect in order to see this and allow it take take root within me. Oftentimes, it's much easier for me to focus on what I don't have rather than all that I do. It's easier to focus on the relationship that ended or that the bank account still doesn't look exactly the way that I would like versus all the wonderful blessings that I've walked through and that have come to me. It's easy to forget all that I've gained. So allow me some space to share just some of ways that abundance has flowed through my life during the past 365-ish days.


  • While the quantity of my social connections has declined over the years, the quality has increased. I'm blessed to be able to say that I have the loveliest friends in my world who all inspire me in some way. This has has shown me how fortunate I am.

  • I got to embark on a cross-cultural, cross-continental, bilingual connection that brought me so much joy and self-discovery.

  • I reconnected with an old friend (and fellow coach) which has added an immense amount of inspiration and accountability to my life.

  • I had so many picnics at the park with my nephew.

Physical Well-being

  • I spent the summer hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

  • I started doing yoga more often in community with others, as opposed to at home alone.

  • I started cooking more and actually enjoying it.

Mental/Emotional Well-being

  • I've gained more consistency with my meditation practice.

  • I continue to do some internal work to overcome negative core beliefs that hinder me and feel myself becoming more free.

Career & School

  • My coaching work has increased to the point that my availability is nearly maxed out.

  • I have more clarity about what I want this passion project of Journey Wellness Coaching to become.


  • I found and began using a budgeting app that I enjoy (Try out Nerd Wallet, y'all).

  • I started renting my house out while I travel and earning extra income.

Leisure, Play, & Fun

  • I traveled to Belize (twice!), Costa Rica (solo!), and Ecuador (my future home...more on this in another post).

  • I improved my Spanish and feel even closer to my goal of fluency, even confidently serving as a translator for my non-Spanish-speaking travel companions.

  • I'm improving my photography skills.

My heart is so full of gratitude for the lessons that I've learned, the experiences I've had, and the people who have journeyed alongside me. I'm excited to close this chapter and step into the next. Into a year of overflow.

 I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the various areas of your well-being taking stock of what you have gained this year and maybe what you'd like to prioritize in the next.

Wishing you a Happy New!

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