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Flip the Script on Negative Self-Talk

Anyone else struggle with their self-talk from time to time?🙋🏾‍♀️ Or even most of the time? Our self-talk can make or break us. It can be the difference between setting and actually achieving our goals. It can be the difference between staying where we’re at as opposed to getting to the place we truly desire to be.

I’ve struggled with my own self-talk from a pretty young age. I remember doubting my worth as an 11-year old, feeling like I simply wasn’t good/smart/pretty/funny/capable or whatever enough. I often dwelled on thoughts of being unwanted and unlovable. Those thoughts followed me well into adulthood and it took many years for me to to learn to tear down the patterns that held me captive for so long. I'm in my mid-thirties now and still struggle at times, as we all do, but thank goodness for growth, self-awareness, and therapy!

So how’s your self-talk these days? Are you letting your thoughts get the best of you? What limiting beliefs have you allowed to hold you back for far too long? We‘re often told that we’re our own worst critic. But what if we decided to be our own biggest cheerleader and best friend? We would never tell our best friend that they’re worthless, hideous, or that they’ll never be able to reach their dreams. Or that they have nothing to offer. So why is it okay to talk to ourselves this way?

Like my guru Brené Brown says, “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.”

It takes practice to change our thought patterns. It takes self-awareness and learning our triggers. It takes being intentional. It takes knowing that we don't have to give in to every single thought that comes our way. When negative self-talk starts creeping in, don't give in to it. Don't go down the rabbit hole. Instead, flip the script and choose to focus on 3 positive things about yourself. Say them out loud. Write them down. Post them on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror. Are you funny as all get-out? Are you a proud business owner or mom? Or both?! Are you gifted at encouraging others? Remind yourself of these things, the good things. You may have heard it said that, “What you focus on is what grows.” So choose to focus on all the amazingness within you and all the beauty and light that you offer to this world.

Some great things to remind yourself of are:

You are worthy...

You have value...

You are loved...

You are beautiful...

You are inspiring...

You are capable of doing amazing things... Today and everyday.

Growing in grace,



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